The Best of MG DVD

The Best of MG DVD

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MGB The Story of the Best Selling MG Sports Car (50 minutes)

The MGB was the most successful MG sports car ever built, quickly achieving classic status by epitomising the Britishness and winning hearts throughout the world. More than 500,000 were sold between its conception in 1962 and the eventual closure of the famous Abingdon factory, where it was built, in 1980. Masses of archive footage, much of which has never been seen before, is combined with interviews from key people of the era to explore the myths, legends and facts behind its design, production and competition history. John Thornley, the legendary 'gaffer'; Don Hayter, its gifted designer; and Stuart Turner, manager of the successful competitions team; all speak freely of the camaraderie and the secrets of those times.

Safety Fast (1932) (14 minutes)

This quality black and white silent film made by the Morris Cine Department follows a young couple on their tour of the factory before collecting their new car. It features rare period footage of the MG works and personnel.

Exhibit B801 (1950) (17 minutes)

The story of Goldie Gardner's record breaking car EX135 from display at the Festival of Britain to the land speed record runs on the Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA. The film includes record breaking attempts using a standard MG TD.

Magic Carpet (1962) (10 minutes)

A promotional film for the US market showing a young couple test driving their new MG 1100 on a visit to the UK. On the way the call in at Goodwood where Graham Hill just happens to be on hand for a test drive.

Total running time 1 hour 34 minutes approximately

NOT compatible in USA & South America (NTSC)

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