The Best of Morris Minor DVD

The Best of Morris Minor DVD

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A compilation of classic original promotional films from the Morris archives remastered for DVD.


Dusty Miles (1949) (33 minutes) (B&W)

In the immediate aftermath of World War Two selling cars abroad to bring in foreign currency was vital, as were promotional films such as this, aimed squarely at the all-important North American market. The 1,500 mile Alaska Highway had been completed in 1942 connecting Dawson Creek in Alberta to Fairbanks in Alaska. This largely unsurfaced road over the Rockies and through wild and remote country provided the perfect backdrop to demonstrate the joys and qualities of the brand new Morris Minor.

Science Behind the Car (1951) (29 minutes) (B&W)

A look behind the technical scenes of Morris Motors showing the thorough scientific testing of all components in the Nuffield range of cars.

Tests Such As These (1956) (10 minutes) (B&W)

BMC’s latest product range completes 25,000 miles on the German autobahns at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. The prototype Morris 1000 is joined on the foreign jaunt by its cousins, the Morris Oxford, the Austin A50 and the A35.

10,000 Miles Non-Stop (1952) (5 minutes) (B&W)

A unique record of an extraordinary publicity stunt at the Goodwood motor circuit. A Morris Minor Series II was able to complete 4,000 laps round the circuit in ten days thanks to the remarkable Nuffield Organisation Research Tender. This articulated vehicle, based on a modified Morris half-ton van chassis, carried a bizarre trailer in the shape of a tuning fork which made it possible for a group of engineers to service the Morris Minor while it was still driving under its own power.

Minor 1000 in London (1956) (2 minutes) (Colour)

Marvel at the uncongested London streets in this Fifties travelogue, filmed to promote the virtues of the new Morris Minor 1000.

Total running time 1 hour 21 minutes approximately

 NOT compatible in USA & South America (NTSC)

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