Further Adventures of Land Rover 3 DVD

Further Adventures of Land Rover 3 DVD

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Further Adventures of Land Rover 3

A compilation of classic original promotional films from the Archives of The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust remastered for DVD.

All in a Day’s Work (1964)

Marvel at the incredible versatility of the Land Rover as the ‘maid of all work’ travels with ease over the most difficult of terrain, tackling everything from farm work to fire-fighting, assisted by all manner of specialist equipment to ensure the optimum performance in all circumstances.

Bred in the Bone (1958)

This journey through the history of the Land Rover starts with its pedigree as a child of Midlands manufacturing success. In monochrome, we see the centre-steer prototypes and the first production model ‘Huey’. As it becomes an established product it proves invaluable on enterprises such as the Australian Snowy Mountain hydro-electric scheme. Finally, the film dissolves into colour as we are introduced to the exciting new Land Rover Series 11.

Safari to London (1957)

Join Mr and Mrs Weaver on their 14,000 mile journey overland from Cape Town to London in their trusty Land Rover. Travel with them from Table Mountain, across game reserves and equatorial forests, to the sun scorched sands of the Sahara and the snow-capped Atlas mountains.

In Search of the Kalahari Bushmen (1955)

Learn the fascinating story of Colonel Laurens Van der Post’s Southern African expedition. Travelling in Land Rovers, his party crossed 3,000 miles to seek out the ‘lost’ inhabitants of the Kalahari Desert. In a climate which seemed inhospitable to the Western eye, Van der Post was able to observe the mastery of the ‘Bushmen’ over their environment.

Total running time 76 minutes approximately.

NOT compatible in USA & South America (NTSC)

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